Why That Hypnosis Tape Won’t Work As Well As Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty. The truth is, hypnosis is a rather crude and unsophisticated technique as compared to brainwave technology. Why? Think about it. How many people actually believe in the power of hypnosis as it is meant to be used? Forget about those magic/illusionist specials you’ve seen on television. That’s the stereotypical view of what hypnosis really is. If we’re going to understand why a hypnosis tape won’t work and should be considered inferior to brainwave entrainment technology, then we’re going to have to understand what hypnosis really is.

Hypnosis isn’t all about fun and games and the amusement of a mystified audience as an illusionist or mentalist flexes his hypnotic prowess and renders a volunteer into a zombie-like state. What hypnosis really involves is the inducing of a deep relaxed state of mind to the point that we dissociate ourselves from the physical conscious reality. We become immersed in our own blank state of mind that we transcend our own consciousness and slip into a more suggestible state. Where previously our consciousness kept our subconscious mind under lock and key, our subconscious is unlocked and set free while under the influence of hypnosis.

This allows the hypnotist to implant suggestions into the now open subconscious, and there have been countless literature which puts forth the facts about the subconscious, in particular how we’re able to learn and be influenced much quicker through our subconscious mind. The ability to open up our subconscious and use it to more or less ‘download’ information through it is in fact a double-edged sword.

Think of your mind as your car. Imagine your car as a luxury car; your priceless pride and joy. Now, would you hand over the keys to the car to a total stranger? Sure, to a valet perhaps, but how sure are you that the valet would take good care of your car? How can you be sure that the valet isn’t some crook who will drive off with your car once you hand over the keys? The same concept applies with hypnosis. Would you seriously consider giving someone the opportunity to open up your subconscious mind and possibly implanting suggestions and even perhaps trigger words that might put you right back into a helpless hypnotic state?

Forget about hypnosis tapes. Brainwave entrainment technology has been scientifically proven, whereas there are a lot of doubts about how hypnosis works, or if it even works in the first place. Would you entrust the most precious commodity you have, your mind, to an uncertainty? In your desperation for self-improvement you may find it somewhat appealing to try hypnosis, because of the “you won’t know till you try” sentiment, but seriously, do not waste your time, and most importantly, do not endanger yourself.

Brainwave entrainment technology does not intrude upon your subconscious and leaves it open to suggestions. Brainwave entrainment technology has been scientifically proven to work by changing the brain’s frequencies, targeting specific brainwaves in order to trigger a specific change in someone. For example, for someone who needs to absorb knowledge quickly, say a student cramming for an examination the next day, brainwave entrainment technology can help boost the Alpha brainwaves, which are associated with learning capabilities, and accelerate the absorption process.

This is what makes brainwave entrainment technology superior to hypnosis techniques. That hypnosis tape can never be as specific and highly targeted as brainwave entrainment technology. If you’re ever considering on alternatives for your self-improvement endeavours, consider brainwave entrainment technology.